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Pool Party

The photos shown above were taken at my little brother’s pool party. Both a late birthday celebration, and a party to acknowledge the beginning of the new school year (though perhaps dreading would be a more accurate word), he invited the entirety of his fifth-grade class from last year. Many of them, as most do, have divided among different schools across separate towns for their journey to middle school

, yet that doesn’t mean an end to their friendships. Excited to be together again, our house was packed for almost 24 hours, as most chose to sleepover as well. Many of these kids have known each other for years and have been friends since first grade. They’ve grown up together, and practically treat each other as siblings. To tell the truth, I think of many of them as my younger siblings.

In this case, time has deepened the relationship. They’ve learned more about one another with each passing year and continue to as they change themselves along with how they see one another.

It was incredibly touching to see them all play with one another again, though it had not been too long since the last time they all met. They’re good kids, and to tell the truth I have never seen such a strong class dynamic as the one that fits their own.

So, know that the smile on their faces is more than true.

It’s the smile that appears on one’s face when they are with those that they love.

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