We are an exclusive beverage company targeting the discerning consumer looking for something distinctive. We are introducing flower based beverages from the ancient world. All our flowers are handpicked and sourced from all over the world.

During my travel to Istanbul, Turkey, I went to visit the famous Hagia Sophia. Taking a break in a little gift store in the courtyard, I tried a rose petal based beverage. Immediately, I had a liking for the drink. This experience, in such an ancient ground, inspired me to open a beverage company. My concept was to introduce flower based beverages from the ancient world. My first drink, “Deep Rose”, was created, to be followed by more “Deep” Drinks”. It took me a while to fine tune the formula, packaging and marketing. However, with such a unique drink, the potential is magnificent as is the Hagia Sophia.

Flowers are all about Love and Love is Universal. Share “Deep Rose”

with your loved ones and spread our

“Love Stories”.

Proudly Made in the USA



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