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From Istanbul with Love: Deep Love’s Inspirational Journey Continues

A Journey with Love

The enchanting city of Istanbul, where East meets West, has once again drawn DJ Rassech, founder of Deep Love, back to its vibrant heart. This time, his visit isn't just a trip down memory lane but a quest to deepen his connection with the roots of his brand and explore new inspirations for Deep Love's expanding line of floral lemonades.

Reconnecting with Inspiration:

DJ’s return to Istanbul is a deliberate step to immerse himself further into the city that once sparked the creation of Deep Love. Roaming through the same ancient markets and sipping on the locally revered rose petal lemonade, he is revisiting the original source of his inspiration, seeking deeper insights and new botanical wonders.

Exploring New Dimensions:

Drink Deep Love
Deep Love’s Inspirational Journey Continues

Each day in Istanbul offers DJ the chance to explore potential new ingredients, meet with local artisans, and discover the evolving trends in floral beverages. He is particularly focused on how modern interpretations of traditional recipes can be integrated into Deep Love's products, ensuring that each flavor not only tells a historical story but also resonates with contemporary tastes.

Cultural Immersion and Brand Growth:

As DJ traverses from the historic alleyard of Hagia Sophia to the bustling spice markets, his journey is documented and shared with Deep Love’s audience through engaging blog posts and social media updates. This interactive storytelling not only enriches the brand's narrative but also strengthens the bond with consumers who follow the journey and contribute their thoughts and preferences.

Looking Ahead:

Deep Love beverages
From Istanbul with Love

The insights gained from this trip are poised to influence upcoming product lines, potentially introducing exciting new flavors and collaborations. DJ’s hands-on approach in Istanbul symbolizes Deep >Love’s commitment to authenticity and innovation—core values that continue to drive the brand forward.


Deep Love’s story is a dynamic tapestry woven with threads of adventure, tradition, and entrepreneurship. DJ Rassech’s ongoing journey in Istanbul is more than just a return to the brand’s roots; it's a forward-looking expedition to ensure that every bottle of Deep Love Lemonade captures the essence of its origin while celebrating the global palate.

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