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Our first love story...

Love comes in too many forms to count. We see it everywhere, in so many different places, from so many different viewpoints. If you were to stand in a park and observe your surroundings, some of the different forms that love takes shape in may be apparent. You might spot a teenage couple, kissing under a tree. Young, romantic love. On a bench, you may spot an older couple, hand in hand watching their grandchildren play. The love between family. You might see two close friends racing each other across a play structure. The love of friendship. The two children, who have less experience with certain feelings and emotions than those who are older, have an understanding of the strong connection they share.

Think back to when you were a child. At around the age of ten, is there a best friend that comes to mind? One you would have done anything for?

These two kids have known each other since they were five years old. They’ve gone to school together since then, always in the same classes, with the same playground to share and campus to frolic. When they aren’t in school and find themselves bored or in need of someone to talk to, they facetime, using their parents’ old phones gifted to them for ‘emergencies only’. Their parents grow tired of the constant begging for a ride to the other one’s house for a playdate. The children therefore make the best of their time together, which comes as an easy goal to accomplish when you are such good friends.

With the school year having just ended, they are ready to enjoy summer. After all, it just means less homework and more time to play, right? So, they again ask their parents for a ride, debating over whose house they should hang out at, and what games they should bring with them. All worries are quickly abandoned as they tell jokes to one another and laugh with such an intensity that their overhearing parents don’t know whether to smile at the joy shown on their kids faces, or yell at them to quiet down so that they don’t disturb the neighbors.

These kids are comfortable with each other. They have been friends since they both walked into the same first grade classroom, excited as well as hesitant for the new school year to begin. They know practically everything there is to know about one another, this increasing amount of knowledge gained from their countless number of late-night-sleepovers. From this knowledge, comes the understanding that they both care about each other, just as two ten-year-old best friends can. Of course, they bicker, just as best friends do, but those arguments never last long, and are quickly forgotten, as both of them would much rather just have fun and enjoy the moment than squabble over a quick angry moment that has already begun to pass.

They both depend on this comfort to help them through their next journey: middle school.

Their 5th grade ‘end-of-the-year-ceremony’ was not too long ago, and though summer has just begun, the thought of the approaching school year has not been forgotten, instead it looms in the back of their minds, stuffed away for the next month or so, not intended to be brought towards the foreground of their thoughts until their parents force them to the store for back-to-school shopping.

Many might remember the nerves that came with starting such a scary and questionable journey and might be able to offer their sympathies towards these young 5th-grade-graduates. Yet, if you were to ask them, though they each share some fear regarding the upcoming school year, they have confidence in themselves as well. This surprising response is born through the faith that these kids have in each other. They will, once again, enter the new school year together, as best friends just as they always have been, and for the moment this trust in each other helps to dull any sort of nervousness they might be feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

This level of trust and understanding portrays a type of love many may tend to forget in their older years. Deep Rose is a drink that helps you remember. As the drink of love, our job is to spread that beautiful feeling. Either through a beverage or a blog post, we seek to benefit the livelihood of the consumer.

We hope we are doing an ok job. <3

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